Rover’s K9 Snacks

Homemade, Natural, Quality Dog and Cat Treats Delivered Fresh!

About Us

Our dogs are our family, our fur babies.  Just like you, we want only the best for our canine pals. After reading what was actually put into some big-box store dog treats, we decided to take things into our own paws, literally!  It was scary to read what went into some mass-produced treats and where they came from.

Our friends have dogs that have extreme allergies. This made us think about how we could improve their quality of life. Rover’s K9 Snacks now has a selection of wheat-free, grain-free, and gluten-free treats. None of our treats contain nut products. We understand that people need to worry about their allergies, too.

We also heard from cat lovers. Our feline friends need treats, too! We now have a variety of cat treats available. These will vary from location to location and season.

Please use our Calendar to see where you can find us and purchase great treats for your dog.  During the summer months, you can find us at local farmers’ markets.  If you have any questions, please call us at (847) 741-5053 or use our contact form.